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Resume and Qualifications

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Full Academic Statistics TOP

High School

Graduated from Highland Park High School in Spring of 1998

Graduating Percentile - %50.00   175/347

6.2/8.0 GPA

SAT Score - 1250/1600

SAT 2 in Writing 590/800

Texas A&M University

Completed 92 hours, currently enrolled in 12, 128 required for graduation

Current cumulative GPR - 2.5/4.0

Anticipated Graduation: May 2003

Courses completed, Currently Enrolled (12 Hours):

Mechanical 363 - Dynamics and Vibration

Civil 207 - Intro to Civil Engineering 

Civil 302 - Linear Algebra/ Computer applications in Numerical Analysis

Civil 311 - Fluid Dynamics, Civil 349 - Project Management

Civil 305 - Materials

Civil 303 - Surverying

Civil 345 - Structures

Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, II, III, Differential Equations

Math 311 - Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus

Physics - Mechanics(218), Electricity and Optics(208)

Philosophy 482 - Engineering Ethics

Chemistry 107

Micro Economics, Macro Economics

State and Local Government, American National Government

Engineering - Foundations 111, Foundations 112, Statics and Dynamics (211), Thermodynamics 212, Materials 213

History 232 - American Navy, 360 - American Petroleum Industry

Geography 306 - Urban Geography

Kineseology - Bowling, Venture Dynamics


Related Coursework TOP

Statics, Dynamics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Technical Writing, Structures, Structure Analysis and Design, Civil Engineering Systems, Concrete, Steel, Project Management, Mechanics of Materials, Fluid Dynamics, Geotechnical Engineering, Physics, Surveying, Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations, Statistics, Matrix Methods, Numerical Analysis, Macro and Micro Economics, Engineering Ethics.

Extracurricular Activities TOP

Earned my Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America in 1996

Continued in Scouts until 1998, earning an additional palm

Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow

An Athletic Trainer for 4 years, Varsity Football and Baseball for 3

State Champion in Baseball in Spring 1998

An escort in La Fiesta de Las Seis Banderas

Pledged Pi Kappa Alpha, Fall 1998, Initiated January, 1999, Alpha Chi Pledge Class

Escort in the 2001 Dallas Symphony Ball for Elizabeth Chiaviello

Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Texas A&M Chapter


Work Experience TOP 

Austin Commercial Incorporated - General Contractor Summer 2001

Worked at the Dallas Convention Center as a Summer Intern, the project is a $110 million expansion of the facility

Extensive hands on experience in concrete, steel, surveying, earthwork; Significant involvement in project management and record maintenance

I was Involved in government relations, owner, designer and engineer interactions and contractor communication extensively.

Recommended by Mr. John Heise Superintendent DCC, and Mr. Ron Gafford CEO, Austin Industries.

Qualtex Inc. - Commercial Paint Contractor, Summer 1996, part time currently

Acquired plans from general contractors,  analyzed plans for specific wall treatment instructions.

Developing and hosting corporate web site, qualtexinc.com

Vehicle Acceptance Corporation - Sub- Prime Receivables financing, Summer 1997, 1999, part time currently.

Developed Microsoft Access reporting system that integrates with new software, over 150 reports. Significant results in increased performance observed in response to usage of the reports. 

Developing , hosting and currently maintain corporate web site, Vehicleacceptance.com. Currently establishing a Virtual Private Network between the branches and headquarters, and developing a state of the art internal network structure and interface. We are starting from the hardware, building through the entire enterprise, establishing an integrated and secure solution for the company.

Messer Group, Inc - General Contracting Firm, Fall 2001, currently.

Currently developing and hosting corporate website, http://messer-group.com .

Nichole Interiors - Interior decorator, currently

Currently developing and hosting corporate website, http://nicholeinteriors.com .


Computing Skills TOP


Travel Experience TOP

Prior to 1995 - 12 of the 50 states, Hawaii 6 visits

1995 to present

Breckenridge, Colorado

Bahamas on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Majesty of the Seas

Cotulla, Texas

WB Ranch, Texas

Colorado and Wyoming

England, France and Germany


Italy, Rome, Florence, Venice and countryside

East Coast of America, from South Carolina to Manhattan

Georgia and Florida

California, San Fransisco to Los Angeles

Minnesota and Wisconsin



Europe - England, France, Switzerland, Italy (passport and backpack were stolen, embassy in Rome is great!)

Colorado and New Mexico

Las Vegas, Nevada, (21st birthday!)




Craftsmanship, Designs, and Sample Work TOP

I enjoy working with computers, wood, steel and machinery, here are some of my latest projects, designs, and work

Current Websites under development or being maintained

http://messer-group.com ; http://vehicleacceptance.com ; http://nicholeinteriors.com ; http://qualtexinc.com ; http://neubauer.tv 


Spare time Sketch of a tower and office complex

Bank Barricade sketch, replaceable - steel cap on pier

Some of the work I have completed in various courses

2_14_305Q.jpg (41243 bytes) Bar_Length_305Q.jpg (49350 bytes) Bar_Section_305Q.jpg (44199 bytes) Shear_Moment_305Q.jpg (44013 bytes) Deflection_345.jpg (48842 bytes)


The lake house deck, my design, family construction

My new desk, designed and built by me. CLICK HERE!

Future truck design, in the works. Ideas include a V-12 with cylinder deactivation to compensate for coolant loss and fuel efficiency, Solid axle drive train with hydraulic suspension actuation, unibody construction and sophisticated electronic sub-systems. 

Solid front axle, offset to allow tire inflation and other smart tire technology

Solid front axle attachment, built- in hydraulic jack



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