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Very sadly, I must report Lynuss is no longer with us. We will miss him. I want Betsy to know he was very special, and we all feel her pain.

Oooh. Green pasture, soo close, yet soo far away. These bars are only 1 inch thick, I bet with my really hard cast and my current 1000+ pounds of mass..... Lynuss4.GIF (700145 bytes)  Lynuss3.GIF (785073 bytes) Lynuss6.GIF (466945 bytes) DSC00048.jpg (54141 bytes) DSC00042.jpg (60412 bytes)

The Friday, April 6th 2001 was Betsy's formal party with Alpha Chi Omega. We went to the lake house after it, and caught a bunch of fish on Sunday.

Dsc00001.jpg (194029 bytes)   Dsc00005.jpg (192451 bytes)   Dsc00020.jpg (171884 bytes)  Dsc00010.jpg (174675 bytes)  Dsc00138.jpg (179940 bytes)  Dsc00145.jpg (181500 bytes)  She always takes care of me.. My my how time flies when you're having fun in a stall with a busted hoof. Where's that fly spray again?

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Here are some of the photographs we took on April 4th, 2001. Float over small picture for a description, or dialog.

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