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Okay, this is a pretty ambitious project. Not many people are willing to use a computer, let alone build one from scratch. But, considering how much I use my current one, I figured it would be a good chance for me to appreciate what really goes into a computer. So stay tuned for further updates.

Current News:

Currently looking for and purchasing DVD and CD-RW Drives

Pioneer 16x DVD Drive

Plextor 40x CD-RW 

Here are some conceptual drawings, roll over to see description.


Got Music?

RJB.JPG (128902 bytes)

Check out my current bandwidth from Cox Communications.

984 kbps Download, 117 kbps Upload   --  Test Your Connection Here!

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Asus P4T Motherboard

Pentium 4 1.7Ghz Processor

3Com Network Interface Card

Lucent 56k V.90 Modem

Teac 1.44 MB Floppy Drive

Lian Li PC -70 Case


With all of the new components out there, it is only natural that it is about time to build a new computer. Here are the specifications, performance, and links regarding my new computer. Please Check back soon for a progress update.

Main parts in the spotlight:

Asus P4T

Pentium 4


Parts that have been purchased:

Asus P4T Motherboard

DSC00382.JPG (187129 bytes) DSC00384.JPG (184407 bytes) DSC00385.JPG (195891 bytes) DSC00386.JPG (177150 bytes) DSC00388.JPG (176913 bytes) DSC00390.JPG (181974 bytes) DSC00393.JPG (195195 bytes) DSC00394.JPG (189211 bytes) DSC00405.JPG (167006 bytes) DSC00426.JPG (171226 bytes)


3Com Network Card - With 3XP Processor - Model 3CR990SVR97      TOP

Optimized for Win2000

IP Security, 3DES (168 bit encryption) offloaded from CPU to dedicated processor, 3XP

Self Healing Drivers

Hot-Plug PCI

Dynamic Access technology, load balancing, Resilient Server Links

3Com_NIC_with_3xp_01_cutout.JPG (56158 bytes)  3Com_NIC_with_3xp_03_cutout.JPG (26846 bytes)  3Com_NIC_with_3xp_04_cutout.JPG (33934 bytes)  Box NIC was delivered in. Shrink-wrap and all.


Product : BUY IT!, I haven't installed it yet, but first impression is good.

Retailer Experience, Microx-Press Good Experience., Delivered very quickly.


Lucent Technologies 56k WinModem     TOP

PCI 2.1 Compliant

V.90 Compliant

Compatible with Megaphone, my Voicemail / Fax / Caller ID software


Megaphone.JPG (72761 bytes) Made by Aveo, they don't sell to the public though.


Update: Now using Bitware, which came with the Modem

Bitware_screenshot.jpg (48967 bytes) Bitware


Lucent_56k_Modem_01_cutout.JPG (26132 bytes)   Lucent_56k_Modem_04_cutout.JPG (16013 bytes)  Lucent_56k_Modem_03_cutout.JPG (31043 bytes) Modem Box, No Shrink-Wrap, but original.    


Product : BUY IT!, I really like this modem, can't go wrong with it.

Retailer Experience, Microx-Press Good Experience., Delivered very quickly. No Shrink wrap on modem box though.


Teac 1.44 MB 3 1/2" Floppy Drive     TOP

Just about the most generic and safe part on a computer. Can't go wrong.

Teac_Floppy_Drive_01_cutout.JPG (20765 bytes)  Floppy Drive Box. This is just about as generic as you can get.


Product : BUY IT!Good documentation available, as if you need it. Plain Vanilla packaging but what do you expect from a VERY generic floppy drive. Can't go wrong, there is nothing left to prove with the 20 year old technology.

Retailer Experience, Microx-Press Good Experience. Delivered very quickly. No Shrink wrap on floppy box though.


Lian Li PC-70 Server Case     TOP

Picking a case is like picking a needle in a haystack. I was trying to decide between the Lian Li, and a Toronado 3004. I choose against the Toronado because it is much harder to find black components, it was steel, and the slide-down door looked like one more thing to break. It also only offered a 431W Power Supply, and I was interested in either redundant, or the 651W that I purchased later.


Includes 4 80mm2 ball bearing fans (relatively quiet I might add.)

6 5.25" Bays - External

3 3.5" Bays - External

6 3.5" Bays - Internal

Pentium 4 compliant (motherboard mounting)

All Aluminum

Shipped with fans, fan controller, wiring, hardware.

3.5" Bay cover  3.5" Removable bay  (6) 3.5" Drive bays, internal.  Etexternal, rear view of case.  Rear of case.  The Box. Original, I like that.  Fan Bus, Clean assembly.  Front functional buttons.  Fans in front of case. Included with initial purchase.  Front of case.  Front bezel. Back side.  Front of case, bezel removed.  Included Hardware.  Inside, Future home of motherboard.  Right side of case, panel removed.  Left side of case, panel removed.  Inside slots, notice thumbscrews for convenience.  Motherboard leads, notice detail involved in labeling provided by Lian Li.  Motherboard Mounting Plate, ATX 2.03 comptatble, (P4 compatible)  Rounded floppy cable.  Instruction sheet included with case, "Removable Foots"  Installation sheet included with case, Internal instructions.  Drawing of tenative front bay layout.



Product : BUY IT!, This is one of the best cases on the market. Fit and finish are immaculate, easy to use design, i.e. thumbscrews, clip in parts, flexible design, and clean manufacture make this the best part I've bought thus far. Aluminum material is very light, and as physics tell us, the material dissipates heat very well. 

Retailer Experience, UCD Web :  , Delivered quickly. The online ordering system works very easily, and tracking from UPS worked very easily.

I know it's Chinese, but this is pretty darn good quality.


Enermax Power Supply, 651W Peak, EG-651P-VE   TOP

The Enermax 651W power supply is continually named the best power supply on the market, and by far the most powerful. It includes 2 ball bearing fans, ATX 2.03 compatibility, and 11 Molex connectors.  


Includes 2 ball bearing fans (almost silent.)

Pentium 4 compliant (additional 12V connector.)

12 power connectors 11 molex and 1 floppy connector

ATX 2.03 compliant, additional 12V connector for motherboard

Fan Monitoring, Fan Control

550 Watts continuous power

Contents of box. PS, Hardware, Power Cord, Manual.  Back of Power Supply, 2nd of 2 fans.  Information Plate on back of Power Supply.  Perspective of Power Supply.   Back of computer, power supply mounted.  Arrived in original box.          


Product : BUY IT!, The power supply is one of the quietest and most powerful out there. I can only recommend it. Check out their website for more information. Enermax.

Retailer Experience, UCD Web , The online ordering system was fairly hectic. They required me to make a 3-way call between their sales rep, me and my bank. This was at 8 o'clock in the evening, and all because my shipping address was different than my billing address. But they had a broad product selection.


Peltier Cooling Unit.  TOP

This is a work in progress. The result will be a 0 moving part chilling unit, with the exception of the fans. 


2 x 80W Peltier Units.

More to follow.

Petliers, on top of the packaging they were recieved in.  The Petliers. 2 x 71W  The top half of the data sheet that came with it.  The bottom half of the data sheet that came with the peltiers.  0 Moving Part Cooling unit (not including fans.). Design in progress.....  


Product : Well, I get a great temperature differential between the two sides of the Petliers, but my interface between the heatsinks and the units are not that great. The result is about 8 to 10 degrees below ambient from each of the two setups, which doesn't really make a big difference. But the good news is that with all of the fans in the system, my temperatures are really low, especially with the aluminum case.


Digital Doc 5 fan and temperature controller TOP

Review to come. Here are some pictures though.

Front of DigitalDoc 5 mounted and powered on in case.  DSC00048.JPG (168465 bytes)  DSC00047.JPG (195392 bytes)  

Swiftech Heatsink/Fan unit for Pentium 4.  TOP

Review to come. Here are some pictures though.

DSC00046.JPG (194140 bytes)  DSC00045.JPG (190974 bytes)  DSC00044.JPG (168649 bytes)  DSC00043.JPG (185767 bytes)  DSC00042.JPG (180256 bytes)  DSC00041.JPG (180468 bytes)  DSC00040.JPG (184722 bytes)  DSC00037.JPG (169039 bytes)  DSC00036.JPG (175918 bytes)  DSC00035.JPG (191392 bytes)  DSC00039.JPG (178113 bytes)  DSC00038.JPG (189504 bytes)

This unit is incredible. After working on this computer for about 6 hours, the processor never got above 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 




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